_TidyAllocatorVtbl Struct Reference
[Memory Allocation]

#include <tidy.h>

Public Member Functions

void *TIDY_CALL * alloc (TidyAllocator *self, size_t nBytes)
void *TIDY_CALL * realloc (TidyAllocator *self, void *block, size_t nBytes)
 void (TIDY_CALL *free)(TidyAllocator *self
 void (TIDY_CALL *panic)(TidyAllocator *self

Data Fields

void * block
ctmbstr msg

Detailed Description

An allocator's function table. All functions here must be provided.

Member Function Documentation

void* TIDY_CALL* _TidyAllocatorVtbl::alloc ( TidyAllocator self,
size_t  nBytes 

Called to allocate a block of nBytes of memory

void* TIDY_CALL* _TidyAllocatorVtbl::realloc ( TidyAllocator self,
void *  block,
size_t  nBytes 

Called to resize (grow, in general) a block of memory. Must support being called with NULL.

_TidyAllocatorVtbl::void ( TIDY_CALL *  free  ) 

Called to free a previously allocated block of memory

_TidyAllocatorVtbl::void ( TIDY_CALL *  panic  ) 

Called when a panic condition is detected. Must support block == NULL. This function is not called if either alloc or realloc fails; it is up to the allocator to do this. Currently this function can only be called if an error is detected in the tree integrity via the internal function CheckNodeIntegrity(). This is a situation that can only arise in the case of a programming error in tidylib. You can turn off node integrity checking by defining the constant NO_NODE_INTEGRITY_CHECK during the build.

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