_TidyAllocator Struct Reference
[Memory Allocation]

#include <tidy.h>

Data Fields

const TidyAllocatorVtblvtbl

Detailed Description

An allocator. To create your own allocator, do something like the following:

typedef struct _MyAllocator { TidyAllocator base; ...other custom allocator state... } MyAllocator;

void* MyAllocator_alloc(TidyAllocator *base, void *block, size_t nBytes) { MyAllocator *self = (MyAllocator*)base; ... } (etc)

static const TidyAllocatorVtbl MyAllocatorVtbl = { MyAllocator_alloc, MyAllocator_realloc, MyAllocator_free, MyAllocator_panic };

myAllocator allocator; TidyDoc doc;

allocator.base.vtbl = &MyAllocatorVtbl; ...initialise allocator specific state... doc = tidyCreateWithAllocator(&allocator); ...

Although this looks slightly long winded, the advantage is that to create a custom allocator you simply need to set the vtbl pointer correctly. The vtbl itself can reside in static/global data, and hence does not need to be initialised each time an allocator is created, and furthermore the memory is shared amongst all created allocators.

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