Document Save Functions


int TIDY_CALL tidySaveFile (TidyDoc tdoc, ctmbstr filename)
int TIDY_CALL tidySaveStdout (TidyDoc tdoc)
int TIDY_CALL tidySaveBuffer (TidyDoc tdoc, TidyBuffer *buf)
int TIDY_CALL tidySaveString (TidyDoc tdoc, tmbstr buffer, uint *buflen)
int TIDY_CALL tidySaveSink (TidyDoc tdoc, TidyOutputSink *sink)

Detailed Description

Save currently parsed document to the given output sink. File name and string/buffer functions provided for convenience.

Function Documentation

int TIDY_CALL tidySaveFile ( TidyDoc  tdoc,
ctmbstr  filename 

Save to named file

int TIDY_CALL tidySaveStdout ( TidyDoc  tdoc  ) 

Save to standard output (FILE*)

int TIDY_CALL tidySaveBuffer ( TidyDoc  tdoc,
TidyBuffer buf 

Save to given TidyBuffer object

int TIDY_CALL tidySaveString ( TidyDoc  tdoc,
tmbstr  buffer,
uint *  buflen 

Save document to application buffer. If buffer is not big enough, ENOMEM will be returned and the necessary buffer size will be placed in *buflen.

int TIDY_CALL tidySaveSink ( TidyDoc  tdoc,
TidyOutputSink sink 

Save to given generic output sink

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