I/O and Messages

Data Structures

struct  _TidyInputSource
struct  _TidyOutputSink


#define EndOfStream   (~0u)


typedef int(TIDY_CALL *) TidyGetByteFunc (void *sourceData)
typedef void(TIDY_CALL *) TidyUngetByteFunc (void *sourceData, byte bt)
typedef Bool(TIDY_CALL *) TidyEOFFunc (void *sourceData)
typedef TIDY_STRUCT struct
typedef void(TIDY_CALL *) TidyPutByteFunc (void *sinkData, byte bt)
typedef TIDY_STRUCT struct
typedef Bool(TIDY_CALL *) TidyReportFilter (TidyDoc tdoc, TidyReportLevel lvl, uint line, uint col, ctmbstr mssg)


Bool TIDY_CALL tidyInitSource (TidyInputSource *source, void *srcData, TidyGetByteFunc gbFunc, TidyUngetByteFunc ugbFunc, TidyEOFFunc endFunc)
uint TIDY_CALL tidyGetByte (TidyInputSource *source)
void TIDY_CALL tidyUngetByte (TidyInputSource *source, uint byteValue)
Bool TIDY_CALL tidyIsEOF (TidyInputSource *source)
Bool TIDY_CALL tidyInitSink (TidyOutputSink *sink, void *snkData, TidyPutByteFunc pbFunc)
void TIDY_CALL tidyPutByte (TidyOutputSink *sink, uint byteValue)
Bool TIDY_CALL tidySetReportFilter (TidyDoc tdoc, TidyReportFilter filtCallback)
FILE *TIDY_CALL tidySetErrorFile (TidyDoc tdoc, ctmbstr errfilnam)
int TIDY_CALL tidySetErrorBuffer (TidyDoc tdoc, TidyBuffer *errbuf)
int TIDY_CALL tidySetErrorSink (TidyDoc tdoc, TidyOutputSink *sink)

Detailed Description

By default, Tidy will define, create and use instances of input and output handlers for standard C buffered I/O (i.e. FILE* stdin, FILE* stdout and FILE* stderr for content input, content output and diagnostic output, respectively. A FILE* cfgFile input handler will be used for config files. Command line options will just be set directly.

Define Documentation

#define EndOfStream   (~0u)

End of input "character"

Typedef Documentation

typedef int(TIDY_CALL *) TidyGetByteFunc(void *sourceData)

Input Callback: get next byte of input

typedef void(TIDY_CALL *) TidyUngetByteFunc(void *sourceData, byte bt)

Input Callback: unget a byte of input

typedef Bool(TIDY_CALL *) TidyEOFFunc(void *sourceData)

Input Callback: is end of input?

typedef TIDY_STRUCT struct _TidyInputSource TidyInputSource

TidyInputSource - Delivers raw bytes of input

typedef void(TIDY_CALL *) TidyPutByteFunc(void *sinkData, byte bt)

Output callback: send a byte to output

typedef TIDY_STRUCT struct _TidyOutputSink TidyOutputSink

TidyOutputSink - accepts raw bytes of output

typedef Bool(TIDY_CALL *) TidyReportFilter(TidyDoc tdoc, TidyReportLevel lvl, uint line, uint col, ctmbstr mssg)

Callback to filter messages by diagnostic level: info, warning, etc. Just set diagnostic output handler to redirect all diagnostics output. Return true to proceed with output, false to cancel.

Function Documentation

Bool TIDY_CALL tidyInitSource ( TidyInputSource source,
void *  srcData,
TidyGetByteFunc  gbFunc,
TidyUngetByteFunc  ugbFunc,
TidyEOFFunc  endFunc 

Facilitates user defined source by providing an entry point to marshal pointers-to-functions. Needed by .NET and possibly other language bindings.

uint TIDY_CALL tidyGetByte ( TidyInputSource source  ) 

Helper: get next byte from input source

void TIDY_CALL tidyUngetByte ( TidyInputSource source,
uint  byteValue 

Helper: unget byte back to input source

Bool TIDY_CALL tidyIsEOF ( TidyInputSource source  ) 

Helper: check if input source at end

Bool TIDY_CALL tidyInitSink ( TidyOutputSink sink,
void *  snkData,
TidyPutByteFunc  pbFunc 

Facilitates user defined sinks by providing an entry point to marshal pointers-to-functions. Needed by .NET and possibly other language bindings.

void TIDY_CALL tidyPutByte ( TidyOutputSink sink,
uint  byteValue 

Helper: send a byte to output

Bool TIDY_CALL tidySetReportFilter ( TidyDoc  tdoc,
TidyReportFilter  filtCallback 

Give Tidy a filter callback to use

FILE* TIDY_CALL tidySetErrorFile ( TidyDoc  tdoc,
ctmbstr  errfilnam 

Set error sink to named file

int TIDY_CALL tidySetErrorBuffer ( TidyDoc  tdoc,
TidyBuffer errbuf 

Set error sink to given buffer

int TIDY_CALL tidySetErrorSink ( TidyDoc  tdoc,
TidyOutputSink sink 

Set error sink to given generic sink

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