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Data Structures

struct  _TidyBuffer


void TIDY_CALL tidyBufInit (TidyBuffer *buf)
void TIDY_CALL tidyBufInitWithAllocator (TidyBuffer *buf, TidyAllocator *allocator)
void TIDY_CALL tidyBufAlloc (TidyBuffer *buf, uint allocSize)
void TIDY_CALL tidyBufAllocWithAllocator (TidyBuffer *buf, TidyAllocator *allocator, uint allocSize)
void TIDY_CALL tidyBufCheckAlloc (TidyBuffer *buf, uint allocSize, uint chunkSize)
void TIDY_CALL tidyBufFree (TidyBuffer *buf)
void TIDY_CALL tidyBufClear (TidyBuffer *buf)
void TIDY_CALL tidyBufAttach (TidyBuffer *buf, byte *bp, uint size)
void TIDY_CALL tidyBufDetach (TidyBuffer *buf)
void TIDY_CALL tidyBufAppend (TidyBuffer *buf, void *vp, uint size)
void TIDY_CALL tidyBufPutByte (TidyBuffer *buf, byte bv)
int TIDY_CALL tidyBufPopByte (TidyBuffer *buf)
int TIDY_CALL tidyBufGetByte (TidyBuffer *buf)
Bool TIDY_CALL tidyBufEndOfInput (TidyBuffer *buf)
void TIDY_CALL tidyBufUngetByte (TidyBuffer *buf, byte bv)
void TIDY_CALL tidyInitInputBuffer (TidyInputSource *inp, TidyBuffer *buf)
void TIDY_CALL tidyInitOutputBuffer (TidyOutputSink *outp, TidyBuffer *buf)

Detailed Description

(c) 1998-2007 (W3C) MIT, ERCIM, Keio University See tidy.h for the copyright notice.

CVS Info :

2007/01/01 17:52:20

Requires buffer to automatically grow as bytes are added. Must keep track of current read and write points.

Function Documentation

void TIDY_CALL tidyBufInit ( TidyBuffer buf  ) 

Zero out data structure

void TIDY_CALL tidyBufInitWithAllocator ( TidyBuffer buf,
TidyAllocator allocator 

Zero out data structure, use given custom allocator

void TIDY_CALL tidyBufAlloc ( TidyBuffer buf,
uint  allocSize 

Free current buffer, allocate given amount, reset input pointer

void TIDY_CALL tidyBufAllocWithAllocator ( TidyBuffer buf,
TidyAllocator allocator,
uint  allocSize 

Free current buffer, allocate given amount, reset input pointer, use given custom allocator

void TIDY_CALL tidyBufCheckAlloc ( TidyBuffer buf,
uint  allocSize,
uint  chunkSize 

Expand buffer to given size. Chunk size is minimum growth. Pass 0 for default of 256 bytes.

void TIDY_CALL tidyBufFree ( TidyBuffer buf  ) 

Free current contents and zero out

void TIDY_CALL tidyBufClear ( TidyBuffer buf  ) 

Set buffer bytes to 0

void TIDY_CALL tidyBufAttach ( TidyBuffer buf,
byte *  bp,
uint  size 

Attach to existing buffer

void TIDY_CALL tidyBufDetach ( TidyBuffer buf  ) 

Detach from buffer. Caller must free.

void TIDY_CALL tidyBufAppend ( TidyBuffer buf,
void *  vp,
uint  size 

Append bytes to buffer. Expand if necessary.

void TIDY_CALL tidyBufPutByte ( TidyBuffer buf,
byte  bv 

Append one byte to buffer. Expand if necessary.

int TIDY_CALL tidyBufPopByte ( TidyBuffer buf  ) 

Get byte from end of buffer

int TIDY_CALL tidyBufGetByte ( TidyBuffer buf  ) 

Get byte from front of buffer. Increment input offset.

Bool TIDY_CALL tidyBufEndOfInput ( TidyBuffer buf  ) 

At end of buffer?

void TIDY_CALL tidyBufUngetByte ( TidyBuffer buf,
byte  bv 

Put a byte back into the buffer. Decrement input offset.

void TIDY_CALL tidyInitInputBuffer ( TidyInputSource inp,
TidyBuffer buf 

Initialize a buffer input source

void TIDY_CALL tidyInitOutputBuffer ( TidyOutputSink outp,
TidyBuffer buf 

Initialize a buffer output sink

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