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Welcome to the HTML Tidy Legacy Website! We at HTACG are trying hard to keep this site up to date, but you will certainly find newer information about HTML Tidy at and on our newer Github repository.

HTML Tidy Project

At the current stage of HTML Tidy's long history, current maintenance and development is provided by HTACG, which is fortunate to count among its members some of the very earliest contributors to HTML Tidy.

We continue to have two primary goals. First, to provide a home where all the patches and fixes that folks contribute can be collected and incorporated into the program. Second, a library form of Tidy has been created to make it easier to incorporate Tidy into other software.

Table of Contents

Get Tidy

The latest version of Tidy is always available as source code in our repository, and we try to make as many binaries available as possible on our binaries website.

Also consider checking your package manager for a recent version of Tidy!


4 September 2015

HTACG are proud to announce the first major release of HTML Tidy in years. Tidy version 5.0.0 is stable, ready for mass adoption, and finally officially supports modern HTML5.

Version 5.0.0 source, or check to see if there's a binary for your OS.

16 January 2015

The HTML Tidy Advocacy Community Group (HTACG) was founded as an official community group for the purpose of assuming responsibility for HTML Tidy, and the W3 transferred their repository to HTACG today.

18 June 2008

The configuration option anchor-as-name has been added.

13 August 2007

The configuration option merge-spans has been added.

14 June 2007

The configuration option sort-attributes has been added. Additionally, the option show-body-only has been extended to accept auto.

26 February 2007

The executables built by the sourceforge compile farm are not provided anymore. Likewise for the annotated source code by LXR. A reference to Dirk Paehl's Windows build has been added.

11 February 2007

The configuration option preserve-entities has been added.

23 January 2007

With the current version of tidy, LibTidyusers using tidyBuffer need to recompile their code. From tidy dated "23 January 2007", source compatibility should work although explicitly calling tidyBufInit is recommended (see tidy/include/tidy.h for an example).

30 December 2006

A Windows .def file is now provided in the distribution. All internal symbols are now mangled. These should simplify the use of LibTidy.

29 December 2006

From tidy dated "29 December 2006", new APIs are available to use user-defined allocators. The interface of tidyFileExists has changed.

12 October 2006

From tidy dated "12 October 2006", tidy uses memory mapped i/o by default.

14 February 2006

From tidy dated "14 February 2006", ports on Windows 64 should work out-of-the-box.

20 January 2006

The automated build is currently broken. The latest source can be obtained from our repository.

11 November 2005

From tidy dated "11 November 2005", hash lookup is used by default. This can be disabled at build time. Please report any bug. Tidy should handle large documents faster.

October 2005

Terry Teague who co-maintained tidy since 2001 died. Terry was instrumental in keeping tidy going and will be missed.

21 July 2005

The man page is now available (formatted using groff -Thtml -mandoc).

14 June 2005

The quick reference card and the man page are now automatically generated as part of the build process using the LibTidy APIs. Use make doc to generate them.

21 November 2004

The source code is now searchable and cross-referenced using LXR.

2015-November: No, it's not.

18 September 2004

Added Checked by Tidy icon (courtesy of Marc Gueury).

1 August 2004

Automatic updates of the source, documentation, and SourceForge compile farm machine builds to this web site are temporarily disabled, due to SourceForge removing support for the cron jobs that automate this process.

Please bear with us during this period - manual updates may be made on an ad-hoc basis; source is always available through our repository.

5 July 2004

Updated the list of available SourceForge compile farm machine builds.

26 June 2004

Updated some links to third-party products.


Also, try the -help-config command line option to get a brief listing of Tidy configuration options. Try -show-config to get a listing of all options in effect.


For information on getting support for HTML Tidy, please see the FAQ.

Executable binaries

We offer binaries for tagged releases for various operating systems. Please have a look at our binaries website.

Also consider whether your operating system's package manager (e.g., dselect, apt, fink, brew, macports, etc.) has an easy-to-install package for you.


HTML Tidy, including both LibTidy and the command line utility, uses an MIT-like license. This license allows you to do almost anything with the code, except to represent your changes as coming from the W3C. For details, read the license.

Source code

The LibTidy source code is the main branch of our repository.

Test cases

The test suite can be found in the test directory in the source code.

Historical Tidy

The original, official release of Tidy for Windows is still available. Released by Dave Ragget on 04 August 2000, you can download it right here.

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